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Welcome to LifeSmoke Vapors

Your Trusted Online Store For Quality E-liquid, E-cigarettes and E-vapes in Camp Hill & Hanover, PA

Have you decided to stop smoking or at least to cut back? Looking for some ways and great alternatives along the way? Have you considered trying e-liquid, e-cigarettes and e-vapes, or wondered what they are, how they work and why many people use them? You’ve come to right place.

LifeSmoke Vapors is your one stop online store for quality and reliable e-liquid, e-cigarettes, e-vapes and accessories in Camp Hill, Hanover, PA and surrounding areas.

Our online store offers a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and accessories to help smokers and individuals in Camp Hill, Hanover, PA and areas who want to switch to e-liquid, e-cigarettes, e-vapes as alternative to their smoking.

Many of our customers in Camp Hill and Hanover, PA recognize LifeSmoke Vapors as a trusted online store for electronic cigarettes and other accessories. Our clients’ increasing demand for our e-liquid, e-cigarettes, and e-vapes is a testament to the superior standards our store sets and maintains for all the products we offer online.

Why Choose LifeSmoke Vapors?

✓ One Stop & Trusted Online Store For E-Cigarettes & Accessories
✓ Wide Variety of High Quality & Effective Products
✓ Years of Experience in the Business
✓ 5 Locations Available
✓ Specializes in E-liquid, E-cigarettes & E-vapes
✓ Serving Hanover, Camp Hill, York, Shermans Dale, Middletown and Surrounding Areas

At LifeSmoke Vapors, our goal is to ensure that you have an effective, affordable and accessible alternative to tobacco combustion. Buy online today or contact us for more information.

Your Alternative to Smoking: E-liquid, E-cigarettes & E-vapes

Switching from your current brand to e-cigarettes and vapes could save the lives of many smokers. Products like e-liquid, e-cigarettes and e-vapes are invented and manufactured as an alternative to smoking. They are a suitable alternative for many smokers in Camp Hill, Hanover, PA and surrounding areas because of the benefits they have over smoking.
Some of the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes include but not limited to the following:

✓ No Carbon Monoxide, No Ash, No Tar
✓ No Second-hand Smoke
✓ Considerably Fewer Chemicals
✓ Lower Health Risk
✓ Variety of E-liquid Flavours
✓ Plenty of Choice
✓ Easy To Use
✓ Great Aesthetics
✓ Less Expensive Than Tobacco Cigarettes
✓ Cleaner & Safer Environment
✓ Allowed in Places You Can't Smoke
✓ Very Convenient

About LifeSmoke Vapors

Founded in October 1, 2011 by its owner Michael Curry, LifeSmoke Vapors has been providing quality products and services in Hanover, PA. Mike used to smoke 2 packs a day. He was most believed would die smoking a cigarette. However in just 2 weeks, Mike was able to kick the habit using an Electronic Cigarette.

Floored by this amazing new product, Mike made the decision to bring it to Hanover, PA. Mike opened his first kiosk in Hanover, PA on October 7, 2011 with plans of helping as many smokers to kick their habit for good. Since then, the response has been amazing with countless quitters to date and many more switched over to the much healthier “vaping”. Today, LifeSmoke Vapors has 5 locations located in Hanover, Camp Hill, York, Shermans Dale and Middletown and have plans to continue growing!

Mark together with the other employees, Dan, Ann, Nathan, Valerie, Cliff, Jesse, Rick, Megan, Claudiea, Anthony, Jan, Katie Ron and Shane takes great pride to have an ethically invested and socially conscious online store.

Everyone at LifeSmoke Vapors looks forward meeting and serving all your e-liquid, e-cigarettes and e-vapes needs. Stop by and meet one of them today!

LifeSmoke Vapors is proud to serve Camp Hill, Hanover, PA and surrounding areas.

Buy e-liquid, e-cigarettes, e-vapes in our online store in Camp Hill & Hanover, PA
Store online for e-liquid, e-cigarettes, e-vapes in Camp Hill & Hanover, PA
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